Managed by
Precision Management Company
2927 Winterberry Drive
Carrollton, TX  75007
Phone: (972) 492-5125
Fax: 972-492-2044
About Ridgeline
Ridgeline Townhomes
of Carrollton
2240 Tarpley Road
Carrollton, Texas 75006
At Ridgeline, we have many large mature trees - but this Spring Fix-Up Day we got a few kids together and planted  four more Shumard oak trees.
Environmental Programs and Practices - At Ridgeline, we believe that good property management means managing responsibly and includes managing with prudent concerns for our planet and our environment.
Outdoor Lighting - Ridgeline is switching to compact fluorescent lighting for all yard lights on the property.
Recycling - A recycling collection container has been placed on the property and a successful recycling program is ongoing.
Watering- Ridgeline is participating in a voluntary program, offered by the City of Carrollton, for an irrigation  system inspection to be sure our sprinklers have the appropriate design and programs to reduce water usage while maintaining good lawn and landscaping conditions.